NeeD help choosing laptop

please help me decide bet these two;

GT640m DDR3

will be used mostly for light gaming, such as warcraft, MMORPGs, Left for Dead, etc. and Microsoft Office applications, mostly excel.
Thank you in Advance
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  1. The Acer V3 is better. This is because it has a 3rd gen core i7 processor AND a 2GB NVIDIA 640M card. Mainly from a gaming perspective (if the comp handles gaming, it'll handle the other basic features without a problem), you can game with a good processor and an average card (like the second option) but you can't game with an average processor and a good card (like the first option).

    The 650M is an entry level class 1 card, which will play many games on medium settings just fine... however the i3 processor will be the weak point. The i3s came out around 2009, and since then, a lot has changed in the technology. Besides, this i3 is a dual core processor, but the i7 is a quad core processor. The i7 has been specifically designed for gaming, as it's structured to handle a much heaver load. So your aggregate output would be a lot more with an i7 and a 640M than with a i3 and a 650M. :)
  2. Sir both are ivy bridge processors, both released this year. I believe that thers a huge gap bet the two processors? Is the gap bet the two the GPU not that much?
    I think that the i3 is enough for the office applications.
    Is acer a better brand than the msi?

    I appreciate the help.
  3. Ok, maybe this will help you understand it a bit better.

    Here is the i7 3630 ranking...

    And here is the i3 3110 ranking...

    As you can see there IS a large gap in the performance output of the two...

    And no, Acer does not produce better laptops than MSI.
  4. anyone else could enlighten me on this?
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