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Finished a new system several month ago using Asus A7N8X deluxe mtrboard w/MSI Gforce FX5600 Video, 512mb Corsair PC2700 memory,2 CdRW's floppy,250mb Zipdrive and 2 hard drives. #1 maxtor ata 133 40g, #2 maxtor SATA 80g. Installed W-98se but was talked into XP-Pro, bought the OEM full version and tried installing it to the 80g Sata drive, had problems getting XP to see it, finally got frustrated and installed on the ATA133 with no problems, runs great. After Ten days I activated it(activation is why I never bought it before,greedy microsoft).Today I thought it was silly of me to use my fastes drive as storage, so in DOS with Maxtors CD, I copied my C drive (the ATA133 40g) to the 80g SATA drive. This drive was in the computer with copies of files including XP during activation. I then disconnected the 40g ATA133 and booted with the SATA drive. The results were a blank screen and a message telling me the was a problem with activation. I tried several more times with the same results. I reconnected the other drive and it booted okay. My main question is, what could I do to make the Sata drive my boot drive and remove the ATA133 from the system and stay activated? Thank you for any help.
PS the name on my post"mrhardware" has nothing to do with computer hardware.
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  1. Probably wont boot because its detecting xp on a different hard drive than what it was activated on.
    You could do a clean install on the sata drive and then just do the activation again. shouldnt be any problems as everything else in the computer is the same.
  2. Thanks for your help, I used a program called copy commander and removed the one drive. It worked fine. Thanks again for your reply
  3. I don't think XP will recognize SATA drives without first installing a driver during setup. When it says 'Press F6 to install a 3rd party driver...' you need to have drivers for your SATA controller handy. If you do a fresh install on the SATA drive this way, that should solve the issue with activation. You'll probably have to activate again, but you should be able to without a hitch.

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  4. This is absoltuely correct. His problem was that he needed to copy the sata files from the CD to a floppy and then start the XP installer and hit F6 to tell it that the sata files were ready to be loaded.

    Once he was done with that (loading the sata files from the installer) he would have been able to comtinue the install normally onto the sata drive.

    There were some 10k rpm drives available under older technologies. I guess I'm saying that sata rotation speed isn't the key to speed of the drive.
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