Tearing my hair out...

The System
Athlon 1000 Mhz processor.
Asus A7V Motherboard.
Voodoo 5 AGP.
3com NIC card.
Kingston NIC card.
46 gig IBM DeskStar ATA100.
SoundBlaster Live.
OS: (WindowsMe - this time)

The Problem
With the exception of the SoundBlaster live and the 2 NIC cards, all the other components are brand new. I go through the standard installation process of Windows98 - Clean install (new h.d.). Install DirectX 8, install the latest drivers from the 3dfx website. Here is where the problem starts. I go to the 'Display Properties -> Settings -> Advanced' and alas, no 'Monitor' tab. The display says "(Unknown Monitor) on VooDoo5 5500 AGP. I go to 'System Properties -> Device Manager' and don't see any monitors installed - so I 'Add New Hardware' and manually point to the monitor I have connected - (17" Sony Trinitron MultiScan 17SF). Reboot, back to display properties - still nothing. I try the monitor connected to my 2nd computer: a (17" ViewSonic 17GS) and still no dice. So here I am, stuck in a max resolution of 800x600 with some pretty decent hardware. I tried using PowerStrip to get some info and it fails the Plug & Play support test and reports max resolution as being 800x600 (which is what i'm currently locked at). My last desperate effort was to go buy WindowsMe, hoping it was some driver issue in regards to the newer hardware and the somewhat dated Windows 98 OS cd I had. Clean install of WindowsMe and still no dice.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
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  1. go to control panel, click add new hardware and choose the standard monitor. maybe thatll work. also, try a different monitor?
  2. Try using Direct X 7a - or 7. Wait a bit because DX8 is buggy - real buggy. It probably will solve the problem. if not, open your case and push the v5 firmly in the agp/pci slot.
  3. Agreed. Avoid DX8 for now. Good rule of thumb that I have found is to only ever install a newer version of DX when installing a game or application that needs it. The install will tell you what it needs, and then go and install it for you.
  4. Interesting. I had this problem with ATI AIW 32MB Radeon with win2k. Using V5 5500 now and dont have that problem under win2k. I will puzzle about it. Let me know if you fix it.
  5. In display properties-->Advanced-->Monitor there is a checkbox labled Automatically Detect Plug and Play Monitors. In my system, if this is not checked, my monitor will not get recognized.
    You have a plugnplay monitor. If it is not being recognized, then there may be a problem in the communication between the monitor and the video card. Check the cable. Try the monitor on a different computer and see if it gets recognized there or try a different monitor on your computer.

    :cool: James
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