PII 400. Which Vid card is Best?

Hi. Currently I have PII 400 MHz/128 RAM and Voodoo3 3000@181MHz. I enjoy Quake 3 Arena but FPS can be better. If I don't want to upgrade CPU, which VID Card would be the best overall choice? or am I better off keeping the Voodoo3?

FPS in demo002 69.0 @ 800x600 (with lots of stuff turned off)

If i can get a card that can do better, like 90 FPS avg in demo002, that would be great. unfortunately, I don't see many test/benchmarks using PII400 + new vid cards these days so hard to make a decision. Thanks in advance!
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  1. I don't play Quake, so I can't give you numbers, but I do have a K6-3 400 system that I recently put an Asus V7700 deluxe GF2 in. I like this setup because it allows me to run new 3D stuff better, and it will still be a damn good video card for when I upgrade to a DDR athlon system. IT has worked nicely for me. I am not too sure about how big an improvement you will get, but it should be similar considering that our processors are similar.

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  2. Do you have problems running any games? If your answer is no, then you shouldn't upgrade. If it is yes, then I suggest a Geforce2 MX. BTW, high frame rates are overrated. At 24 FPS (that's what most movies are) the human brain sees things as fluid. Anyhting over that is indistinguisable. So as long as your frame rates don't drop below 30 or so, I would bother with a new vid card.
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