geforce2 gts too many problems

I have a Asus A7V motherboard,AMD 900 tbird with 128MB and a creative geforce 2 gts 32MB and a sound blaster live .I love this card it performs nicely.However i have serious problems with my favorte game flight simulator 2000.all other games for fine gl or not.I built my system with fs2000 in mind.This game in general locks up after about 5mins sometimes 30min but it locks up everytime i use it.I have tried it all updated bios,nvida driver,sound card drivers,via chipset drivers,low level formats.everything a person could think yet it still happens.the system is kept cool so heat is not a iam over it.I was wondering if anyone else might know what to do.I was thinking about going with a v4 or a ati radeon.I know they dont perform as fast as a geforce but iam out of ideas.I cant update to directx8 because i have had to many problems with it.thanks in advance

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  1. sounds like you have a bad part in there somewhere
    i made a tbird 800 with leadtec gforce2 gts sblive plat
    dvd ,cd burner 2 60gig hdd, etc about 3 monthes ago it worked fine
    dualbooting 98se and win2kpro

    Bored,Certified Tech

    try a format and reinstall perhaps using latest drivers first not updating them later
  2. Try pulling out every single expansion card and running your game. If it doesn't lockup, you know its one of those cards. Sound cards in 3d games are the usual suspect--not the graphics card.
  3. Try the new drivers on nvidias site too. That solved my issue on my system.
  4. I have the same problem in Half-Life. I was using an old video card because my tnt2 broke and everything was working fine. Then I installed the Geforce2 GTS and the computer freezes now after 45-60 min of game play. This seriously annoys me because I am usually downloading something from hotlines... and besides I'm supposed to have an awesome computer!

    Elsa Gladiac Geforce2 GTS
    -Latest Nvidia drivers (
    Win2k Pro
    Asus A7V
    --Bios 1005a
    --Fast Writes Enabled - Could this be the problem?
    256 MB Mushkin Cas3
    1Ghz Athlon (with super cooling)

    If anyone knows what the problem is please help.

    Like I said, I had an AGP card before that worked fine... So it's not an IRQ conflict.

  5. just wanted to keep this post at the top a little longer


  6. You sure you're not just trying to up your post count?

  7. nope, I'd rather have a working computer than a high "post count." Thanks for not helping though.
  8. i think ur prob is the a7v mb there seem to be different versions on the market some made by asus self some made by other companys with their own differences in board layout, this becouse asus can 't really keep up with the produktion of the a7v, and some are good and some don't

    (read it somewhere on the web)
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