GeForce2 GTS on VIA133A-chip, any known problems?

Im using a Creative GeForce2 GTS in my PC. I have a PIII 500 (going 630 - 650 MHz), with 128 MB PC133 RAM, 40 GB HD, Sound Blaster Live 1024, two 3Com Networkcards, an ISDN-card (ASUS), all on a ASUS P3V4X Motherboard. Im using a 300W powersupply.

I have problems getting the GeForce to work i games using Direct3D, it works fine for about 3 min then freezes and I have to turn off my PC using the powerbutton. I tryed the nVidia 6.18 driver, and it works OK, but when using the 6.31 driver it dosent! I even tryd upgrading the VIA-drivers (4inONE driver for VIA), but stil it freezes.

Anyone heared of this before? Please help?
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  1. Yes, you will need to assign your IRQ's for your video card/agp slot and your sound card. If they conflict then it wil freeze every time. I also had to turn off fast writes and take it down to 2X AGP. Now I can run for an hour ro so without freezing :) I can play some games for hours.. 6+ hours in ages of empiures 2.... But, if I play asherons call for about an hour I usually freeze up...not good when you are a PK :)
  2. Yep exactly the same problem on the same mobo.I found if you go into the bios and enable slot 1 as irq 11 it will work and also disable fast write and put agp apiture up to 256.I play Asherons Call a lot also on Solclaim :)
    Also in the tweak section disable all anti asling features.
    The card will report as running only in x2 agp.I was not impressed as i paid £170 for a card that doesnt do what it is supposed to so i took it back and got a ATI RAD (happy days).
    I also told Creative what i thought of there product :(
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