Windows 8 Upgrade = No Sound from headphones

Hey so I upgraded my Acer v3-571 to windows 8 cause it was cheap and wanted to see if it actually sucked, fortunately it doesn't however I haven't been able get sound out from my headphone jack since. I've installed latest drivers from acers website, but that hasn't helped. What does work is using usb headphones and using the laptops speakers. It does not come up with anything under playback devices when I plug in my headphones so there's no option to swap to them. If anyone can help troubleshoot this that'd be awesome, or at least confirm it's a problem with win8 so I know I don't have to take the lappy back to acer.
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  1. check under peripheral if there is not something with a ? mark .
  2. Be sure that you're using downloading the correct drivers, for the correct OS, at Acer's website.
  3. All I can tell you is the headphone jacks work on both of my AMD/ATI rigs that have been updated to Windows 8. They both use Realtek HD audio sound chipsets. As darlenesigel make sure you are using drivers that are for Windows 8 and not Windows 7. If that fails try to find out what sound chipset you have and see if you can get Windows 8 drivers from the manufacture of the chipset.
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