Replacing on PCI-e mini laptop wireless with a different brand

My brother has a Asus K601 laptop with a atheros - Azure AR5B95 wireless card.

He has had a terrible time with it since he bought the laptop 2 years ago. Wireless speeds are horrible. If you google this card's model number you find lots of people with issues. We tried bios driver updates and a few differnt drivers.

My quesiton is.. Can I replace this card with a differnt brand of card? Looking at the specs on amazon and elsewhere it looks like a half mini PCI-e card

Since there are tons of bad reviews all over the place my plan was to replace it with an intel model

Is there any reason this wouldnt work?
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  1. it should work as it uses the same interface, the antenna clips look slightly different
  2. are the antenna ports fairly standard?
  3. Yes they are all standard. Just make sure you connect the black and white wires the right way around when you fit the new card in.
  4. i dont know as i have never messed with replacing mini pcie wireless cards, the clips are almost the same..maybe one picture is slightly smaller, its hard to tell but i would gamble and buy that card for $10
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