Radeon AIW Sound Problem

I've just installed the AIW (almost flawlessly) but I'm running into some problems with sound quality on MPEG2 recordings. (Of course, ATI is currently logging the problems related to this.) Anyone run into this and have a fix? Here's the rest of my system:

PIII 667Mhz
ASUS P3V4X (Latest bios + drivers from VIA)
128MB 133Mhz RAM
Promise Ultra100
60Gb IBM Deskstar 75GXP
SBLive! Value
Pioneer 16X DVD

I suspect that I will have to at least double the amount of RAM, but I doubt whether this will help the sound issue. Any suggestions that don't involve "throwing the baby out with the bath water" are greatly appeciated.
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  1. hmmm... guys, please correct me if I'm stupid in the head, but -- if you're having sound problem, and its not direct "TV in" or TV tuner, but rather something from your hard drive (if I understand it correctly), how come you're suspecting the Video card and not the Sound card???
  2. Sorry, allow me to clarify. Sound is fine when watching TV on my PC, playing games, listening to CD's, but recording a TV show results in distorted audio. Would this suggest a software problem or a hardware problem? Someone else's question on the ATI site suggests software as they are able to use other video capture software (not ATI's multimedia center) and get clean audio at the same time.

    Alternatively, I'm guessing that it might be a resource issue and that I would have to boost my system in a couple of areas for the ATI software package to work effectively.

    Does this make any more sense than the first post?
  3. For MPEG-2 capture in hi quality, ATI recommend at least a P3
    @700MHz. So double your memory, and if that does not works, Try it
    on a faster system. maybe you're asking to much to your system.
  4. I will never buy another ATI product. ATI sucks. The new ATI Radeons suck. The drivers don’t work for scat on win2k. Driver updates are non-existent as in the past. They have no toll free tech support. Their new Radeon cards ship with win2k drivers, which don’t work properly. If you want to feel scat on buy Radeon.

    Asus CUSL2
    P3 700
    296MB SDRAM PC133 Cas2
    SBLive Platinum 5.1

    I wish I still had a copy of the long and detailed report I typed out to them concerning problems with their card. In the phone calls to them (which the customer pays for) they could not help me but were interested in my errors as some had already been reported and some were new to them and some helped them figure out more in detail why certain errors would occur. They encouraged a detailed write up. I did them a favor at my own expense and time and then they replied with we will only fix problems reported to a significant degree… Only if customers complain enough will they bother fixing problem. What a joke. In other words they know of problems but are not fixing them until their customers really start complaining in droves.

    Under win2k these are the problems I encountered. All games using Glide of which I probably own 40 have graphics that look like [-peep-]. Direct3d, which works on some games, looks like crap on some and good on others. TV looks good but the downloading of the TV schedule fails half the time. TV out controls for turning TV on and off do not work at all. When you plug in your Svideo your automatically outputting your pc signal to your TV and cannot switch it on and off like you’re supposed to be able to on your pc. Furthermore once you view your pc on you TV your graphics no longer fit your pc monitor screen and you end up using your mouse to scroll to areas on the peripheral of your pc monitor you can see unless you scroll there. This problem is terrible since you cannot use the controls that come with the card to switch back to using the monitor as the screen properly. What happens is you get stuck with this scrolling problem and it doesn’t go away even when you reboot. The only way I found to fix it is to completely uninstall the drivers and then reinstall them and set the monitor resolution low to like 640x480 and then reset it back up to whatever you want. This is very time consuming process. ATI never even replied to this particular problem. DVD playback, which is hardware driven stutters! Mpeg4 playback fails! This card is a nightmare folks! I have forgotten half of what I wrote them detailing errors received and better descriptions of the problems but this should be enough to explain what a piece of crap this card is. After spending about four hours total on the phone with them and getting them all the information they wanted I get no reassurances. All I get is hopefully we will have an answer to some of these problems in the future. Blah Blah Blah. Month goes by and nothing. Many people have posted on Tomshardware as to the untrustworthy nature of ATI concerning drivers and their inability to act quickly to fix driver problems. How can you purchase a card that ships with Win2k drivers today and have it not work in everything properly accept TV in? When it takes half a year to fix all the problems on such a product why bother buying it since by that time the card will be selling for less than half what you paid for it and will be half as fast as newer cards on the market. ATI is going the way of the Dodos if they continue with this irresponsible behavior.

    An email I sent ATI in response to a customer support reply that was more useless than the long distance phone support.

    Thank you very much for you're very kind reply... I find the information I have provided your company with at my expense much more valuable to you than the information you have provided me. Reiteration of solutions I have already tried does neither of us any good. I have returned both cards to the original retailer. In the future please refrain from releasing unfinished products. I and other customers regard such actions as unlawful. I can no longer recommend your products due to poor driver performance under win2k (I have not tested any other OS nor do I wish to do so as your product ships with supposed perfect win2k drivers), which I have tested extensively. The long list of problems with your drivers is tiresome. DVD play, which I previously thought, worked perfectly stutters randomly. In the future please don't rely on your customer base to solve your problems for you because in the end you lose valuable promotional commentary along with a good customer. No need to reply I just thought you should know how thoroughly disgusted I am with your product and your company.

    Interesting Article in Worth magazine Jan 2001, by Eric Alterman.
    (How I feel)

    This “screw the consumer’s time, it’s not costing us anything” attitude appears to exist across the entire spectrum of new technology industries. I bought a scanner from UMAX that has never worked. There’s nobody at the other end to help, at least nobody I had the patience to find. The ugly thing has been sitting on my desk, unused, for two years. And have you tried to hook up a DSL line recently” I have, and I had to give up on that, too. It turned out Verizon, the new beast created out of Bell Atlantic’s merger with just about everybody else, had not yet come up with a modem compatible with Windows Me, though apparently it neglected to mention that to the person on the phone who was all to willing to take an order and let the caller waste hours trying to make the damn thing work. Chris Taylor of Time recently wrote of spending almost six months stuck inside a similar nightmare courtesy of Pacific Bell, which given its location, really ought to know better. The truth was that the company did not even offer the service, called D-Slam, that it had promised him, as it had run out of the hardware, but it continued to advertise it because, a rep admitted, their “competitors haven’t stopped advertising yet: The worst of it is that the entire time you are wasting away on hold, watching your fingernails grow, the company brags about its new and improved service menu.
    This whole sector of the economy feels like the Soviet Union: Long waiting lines, no service, contempt for the consumer, products that don’t work when shipped, but somebody with the power to create a little trouble for the big boys arrives, and everybody starts jumping. Of course, the obvious differences are that innovation barely existed in Soviet industries, while the computer manufacturers are just about the most innovative people of all time. But the net result turns out to be more suffering for the rest of us.
  5. Blah, blah, blah

    "Are you saying that I can dodge bullets?"
  6. My vote is with the 667 P3. Speed it up.
  7. try recording in another format... I've recorded AVIs with little trouble with ATI TV Wonder in my old K6 233Mhz, 64MB RAM...
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