Intel D-865 video driver soft for windows 7 OS

Hello,i want to use windows 7 in my pc. i have a pc with p-D 2.66 Ghz and Intel D-865 GSA motherboard. i have already setup windows 7 in my pc but i have a problem in video driver. the video driver is not supported on windows 7 . where can i find the video driver of intel D-865 for windows 7 operating system?
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  1. That series of motherboard is no longer supported by Intel, so the short answer is you can't.
    You may be able to get a seperate video card, if you can get it cheap, it's not worth spending a lot on an AGP card that you won't be to reuse on a new system later.
    Make sure you can get Windows 7 drivers before purchasing one.
    Maybe think about saving your money toward upgrading your pc.
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