Choosing between 3 laptops

So i'm stuck between 3 budget laptops. I'm primarily looking for an all rounder that can also handle some casual gaming (Counter Strike GO, Black Ops 2, that sort of thing).

Any guidance would be appreciated!


2. LENOVO Z580

3. HP ENVY M6- 1154SA
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  1. it seems the hp would be best for gaming, but hp has a bad rep with warranty claims.
    samsung 2nd lenovo 3rd
  2. I would actually say the samsung is the best since some games will support cf (igpu+7670m).
  3. I would go with the Samsung out of the 3..
  4. The only thing about the Samsung that makes me think twice is the processor, compared to the Intel processors. Although i'm not too sure how much that would impact gaming..
  5. It isn't far behind the i3, and still plenty for gaming and that gpu.
  6. In that case, is it safe to assume you would choose the following over the Samsung?

    i5 3210m + HD7670m
  7. No the most important part for gaming is the gpu and the samsung can cf the igpu+7670m. The cpu just needs to be powerful enough to not hold the gpu back which as said the a10 is plenty.
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