How much is my laptop worth on ebay/craigslist?

I have an HP dv6-6c00 CTO laptop, been used for about 9 months, but I've decided I want something with more power. If i were to wipe it down with a rag, you couldn't tell the difference between this and a brand new one.

CPU: i7-2670QM at 2.20ghz, turbo boost up to 3.1ghz
RAM: 8GB (Not sure of the speed)
Video Card: 7690m XT (about equivalent to an Nvidia 550m GTX) and Intel HD 3000 Graphics (Switchable graphics)
Beats Audio Speakers
Windows 7 Premium
Leftover Factory Warranty ending in February
Blue-Ray Drive
2 USB 3.0 slots and 2 USB 2.0 slots
SD Card slot
2 Headphone Jacks
1 Microphone Jack
1 HDMI Out Port
1 VGA OUT port
Random Gimmicky Fingerprint Scanner
Recovery CD's and all that crap that HP gives us.

How much do you guys think I can get out of it? I paid $1000 to get it new.
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  1. i would say post an ad on craigslist for $800 OBO
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    I was thinking about 800 myself for the specs alone, however, if it is 9 months old I would probably drop off another 100-150 just because of age, 9 months is a fair amount of time in computing. But 800 OBO sounds like a reasonable starting point, maybe 750 OBO.

    Ehh warranty is going, 700 OBO.
  3. Thanks for your answers guys, helps a lot! I'm new here.
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