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Includes most (if not all) of the original wiring harnesses, including the
original control panel. Keep in mind it has been converted, so converting it
back will be required. All Power transformer and wiring leading to power
supply is original, as is all the wiring going to coin doors/control panels.
All the wires going to the monitor and header/speaker area are original. It
was not a hack conversion job, but done very nicely and professionally.

Due to the conversion , extra holes have been drilled but the original
panel should be underneath current plexiglass covering. Original Atari
Powersupply (still working) and power transformer still intact and in
operation. All original board mounting brackets still intact.

Cabinet is in excellent shape - graphics are very bright and vibrant, having
some scratches, and dings from regular use, but the side graphics and coin
door area are still all original. There is 1 chunk off the left side next to
the control panel, but can be filled easily and doesn't appear to affect the
grpahics (just a white area on the opposite side).

Original Quantum Board (working), Original header and schematics package may
also be available but will have to dig in our storage for all of this.

We have owned this cabinet pretty much since it was brand new and converted
it many years ago when doing this was all the rage (*cringes*).

Send me your offers and if you want the entire package including the
boards,etc. Highest/most convenient offer will win it.
Cabinet is in truly overall very nice condition and could be converted back
VERY easily.

This is serial number 242 (apparently out of a total 500 machines produced)

I can ship affordably to Canada and the US or pickup at our warehuse is fine
as well.

Pictures available upon request.

email: (my newsgroups account) - wll reply to you
with our real email address.
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    Sorry... Where are ya?
  2. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    Whoops! Guilty as charged!

    Located in British Columbia, Canada. About 3.5hrs north of Vancouver. Can
    ship thru the major affordable carriers in Canada and the US.

    <> wrote in message
    > Sorry... Where are ya?
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