Corrupted Jpeg files in Explorer

I have just finished building my new PC (AMD Duron 600) from old spareparts and I have encountered a problem. Whenever I want to view a Jpeg picture in Internet Explorer 5.0 it seems corrupted!!! It is almost impossible to recognize the original picture. Whenever I use another program for viewing files (e.g. Windows imaging) they seem alright. If you can tell me why this happens I would be very grateful.

Of course I have tried quite a few things to solve this on my own:
- Reinstalling Internet Explorer
- Reinstalling (clean install) Win98se AND win2000
- Inserting another graphics adapter from a well functioning PC
- Inserting other RAM modules from a well functioning PC

Best Regards
Rune Kock
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  1. maybe try using a diff version of explorer? like 5.5,

    or you could see if there are any service packs or updates to 5.0

    hope this helps
  2. open them with paint, resave them into the paint format (bmp), open those bmp pictures, save them into the JPEG again, enjoy (if helps, hehe)

    its not too late yet... :smile:
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