Hi ! i have acer aspire 5750G core i7-2630QM 2GHz with turbo boast upto 2.9GHz ; packed with 6 GB DDR3 ram and 2 GB of dedicated nvidia GT 540M Graphic card ; it also has intel HD 3000 family graphics . Can i play Battlefield 3 on these specs ? thank you
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  1. well the nvidia part of the video would be better then hd 3000. Whether the computer could handle it looks like people have gotten it to work. When in doubt type the graphics card + battlefield 3 in youtube and see if it shows :P
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    Yes, should run med settings ok, low settings will be a little smoother. You shouldn't have any issues though.
  3. thank you ; and what about medal of honour warfighter ?
  4. I would think the same deal they are pretty much the same thing engine wise.
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