i want to know what security and anti virus, best for windows 7 ultimate, have tried avast and avira, slows me down big time?
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  1. I use Avira. I have not noticed any sort of slowdown with it. You are just running one at the time right? How much RAM do you have?
  2. Try Free AVG - but only one at a time.
  3. vipre
  4. I am also using Avira, I didn't faced any problem of slowing down!
    As others said use only one antivirus at a time.

    On second opinion, why can't you try, Microsoft Security Essentials???
  5. Avast! Free edition is great. I've used it on all my systems and installed it for friends/family, it works wonderfully.

    Edit: Didn't see you already tried Avast :( Maybe try kaspersky, I've heard it has good virus detection (not sure if there's a free version though).
  6. Kaspersky is the best I've tried yet. You have to customise it a little but its safer and better than any of the other Fee paying AVs around. Avira is my freebie choice though again if it's slowing you down you'll need to customise it a bit.
  7. I second saran008's second opion. :) Why not give Microsoft Security Essentials a try? It is a free download (so you don't have anything to lose) and seems to be a favorite of many. If you're still on the hunt and want to learn more, visit

    Microsoft Windows Outreach
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