I need help with my ASUS

Hello, my asus computer is giving me problems, it is not saving documents properly. Example if I store a document to my computer an then save it to the flash, if I make changes to the original doc it doesnt automatically save to the flash
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  1. That is normal behavior for all operating systems unless I am misunderstanding your issue.
  2. That is how all OS's work... as far as I know......
    If this seems odd to you, maybe a previous computer had an auto-sync program feature.
  3. No @ cl-scott you didnt misunderstand ....ty very much
    I think that is the prob the previous computer I had, had an auto-sync feature. I didnt realize that thank you @ Kiowa789
  4. Hi, if you want to synchronize you flash drive you could use the briefcase in windows. Look at this link.

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