Creative Geforce MX PCI Problems

Hi all, Ive been trying to get this Creative MX PCI card working on my friend's computer for the past few days and cant come across any solution, any help would be appreciated :

The system is as folows :
433mhz celeron
64mb ram
Jetway j-620 Motherbord with Onboard sound/Video
Generic PCI Lan Card (for cable Modem,supplied by @home)
Windows 98 (first edition)

The Problem is as Follows:
The card iteself instaled ok, boots up and loads into windows no prob, but when attempting to play any game 2d or 3d, I am geting really terrible texture swaping/jerking when game loads new tetures, Half Life jerks every time a player/monster/etc is loaded or comes onscreen and starcraft Jerks around when clicking on units, whereas even the built in generic Video (sis530 I belive) is more smooth than the MX in Starcraft. Ive tried everything I can Imagine, Juggling the PCI slots,Changeing the IRQ, even tested it with extra borrowed DIMM in it. Is it a Bios problem? OS? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. I can tell you exactly what the problem is and its the same that my Celeron 433 with 65M of Ram was having when I got the AGP version of your card.


    Get more.
    I bought another 128M and all my problems which you dewcribed disappeared.

    If it is still slow then tweak the settings to turn down the Anti-Aliasing to 2x2 at the most.

    I now get 1024x768 with all details on GP3 with NO jerking.

    Unreal now very very smooth whereas before it jerked evertime anything happened. Also you won't spend all that time pre-caching. Everything will start much much faster
  2. what type of framerates were you getting with this card(pci). I've tested mine with UT (btw, its a cel 500, 128 mgs, win98se) and i top out at avg 30 fps. not whatsoever what i expected. my 3dmark came out just under 2000. This just does not seem right. I've also tested it in a cel 433 (otherwise the same) and had similar results. is it the card or the system?
  3. Im starting to think the PCI card is junkola coming from creative, My bigest problem is there really is no other pci cards to try and his system doesnt have a agp slot. As far as framrates go Im seing lower than expected, It runs Halflife about as well as my 350 P2 with a TnT2 agp.
  4. trust me 64M is not enough.
    128M only costs about £40 now so it's worth giving that a go isn't it.

    Not sure what frame rates I was getting in UT, what I do is make the minimum frame rate 35 (since any higher than this will look the same anyway because the human eye can only see a difference upto 30ish) then I increase the detail levels until it starts jerking.

    I run at 1024res with medium detail.

    When I only had 64M it took ages to load and would jerk whenever a new sound had to be played or there was a lot going on, same with Colin McRae rally and GP3 but like I said, I suspected it needed more memory and I was right. All the above now run like a dream.

    Try adjusting the anti-aliasing settings (turn them down) to improce the frame rate.
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