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Hi guys, i formatted my mothers laptop today everything went fine, when windows loaded back up, i installed all 117 windows updates, after that the laptop restarted, but upon the restart, after the winsows 7 logo dissapears the screen goes black. i thought that was weird so i gave it 10 mins thinkin it would be installing the new updates i just downloaded but nothing happend, so i restarted the laptop tried again and same again,. windows logo then screen goes black, although you can hear the welcome windows noise in the background

i then restarted and started the laptop in safe mode, uninstalled the graphics driver, restarted and the laptop worked only for windows to automaticly install the graphics driver, then after restarting it goes black again.

has anyone any idea why installing the graphics card is making my screen stay black when restarting,
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  1. I had this issue with my PC connected to the HDMI on my TV. It would default to the HDMI output not my DVI output.

    I know it is not exactly the same, but every time something happens with my Graphics Driver it resets and I have to switch my desktop back to my monitor....

    If you have an external monitor/TV try plugging it in to the laptop output and see if your desktop is being sent there....
  2. unfortunatly this laptop has not got HDMI out on it, only the other ps2 one i think its called. but i havent got one of them cables.

    when the screen was black, i did press fn kay with f2 which normally switches between screen but this did nothing either
  3. boot into safe mode, go to "screen resolution, check your display setup (detect displays).

    Which driver is loading? a default windows one or one from a CD?
  4. in screen resolution, it shows default monitor 1, its using windows driver, in device settings its called SIS Mirage 3 Grppahics driver, which windows installed for you. after uninstalling it in safe mode and bootinig up in normal mode it installed it automaticly and you dont get time to cancel it
  5. OK, so try to find the driver from the manufacturers website and install it while in safe mode.

    Best punt I can give you...

    Failing that you might have to install vista or XP if you want to get it up and running.
  6. Wait! I just read the OP more thoroughly.

    go to the device manager and try to roll back the driver to a version before your updates.

    Also try setting the screen resolution to minimum in case it is actually trying to boot (not safe mode) at higher than the native res of your display...
  7. than sk for your reply, but what i did was restored to before the updates , went to windows update it said 114 available , i just unticked them and hid them. she wont know any different, and her laptop now works haha!
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