I need help BADLY with this one!


I have a S3 Trio64+ vid.card in one computer but when trying to use it with a Goldstar 15" monitor I can only run 640x480 resolution. When I try any other res. (both higher and lower), everything looks warped and very dark...

This happens both in 3d(games with a v2 card) and in 2d. I've tried taking the v2 out and just using the s3 (without pass-through), but it doesn't help).

Do you guys have any idea why (I've tried downloading the latest drivers both for the S3 and the Goldstar)?


/ Linus
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  1. It's your refresh rate. Try changing under "advanced settings"-"adapter" in your desktop properties. If under "monitor" the wrong one is selcted change it to the right one. If you have no options but "adapter default" and "optimal", and neither one works. change your monitor to a Tatung of America CM-14UH or ther monitor that provideds multiple settings.
  2. He should be able to use the Windows default driver for this one-I've set up a few hundred like that and got even the most stuborn monitors to work!
  3. What Windows default driver are you reffering to? There are SVGA and VGA....and some have specific resolutions too.

    Which is my best bet here?

    / Linus
  4. Me too, it's listed usnder S3 when you change your card in Windows.
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