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Hello All,
I'm interested in finding the bottle neck before I purchase hardware.
I have a dell inspiron 1526 laptop with a seagate 500GB @ 7200RPM. I'm thinking about getting an express card with usb 3.0 and also an Asus 12x (write speed) External Blu-Ray Burner.

I'm wondering if my the 7200RPM HDD is still too slow or if the express card with the usb 3.0 will be the bottleneck? Or is there something else I'm overlooking?
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  1. why not go ssd? what bottleneck are you talking about?
  2. I think no matter what you do, your HDD is severely limited since according to C/Net, your HDD interface is Serial ATA-150 found here the only place I found that info
    You seem to have a hardware limitation there (data transfer bottleneck if you will) that is not going to go away.
  3. Thanks for the help C12 - still a little confused - maybe I should ask how do all the speeds compare (the 7200 rpm hdd connected via serial ata-150 and the express card with usb 3.0 connected to a 12x Asus external blu ray burner). I really don't understand all the specs. Why aren't all devices compared by their respective read and write speeds (even if they are theoretical)? The read and write speeds of any device certainly are not easy to find on the web.

    Basically it sounds like I should just get a slower external blu ray burner and use an already available usb 2.0 port.

    But I am considering future proofing the burner = buying the Asus with usb 3.0 even if it has to slow down to usb 2.0???

    Any other thoughts are very much appreciated!!! Thanks!!!
  4. Is the BD burner USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?
  5. the one I was interested in was 3.0
  6. Bottleneck is the USB 2.0 port. Get the USB 3.0 expresscard.

    I am selling mine since I am not using it. But you are in US.
  7. will the express card work with serial ATA-150 interfaced with my 7200 rpm HDD?
  8. ?? What do you mean ??
  9. Yes it'll work but just be slower transferring between the external Blue ray and hard drive.

    I'm almost to the point where I'm not sure if you're this stupid or just trolling. I'd much rather see the second, unless you're about 60 or older (if not my faith in humanity is declining).
  10. ^You are so mean.

    mpalmbos >newcomer<
  11. Don't tell me you weren't thinking that. I did answer the question first. I do apologize if I'm wrong though.
  12. I mean c12friedman seem to suggest that the slowest point of my hardware would be serial ata 150 = why waste money on express card usb 3.0 adapter and 12x BD burner if the rest of my hardware can't keep up?

    Thanks again for the help!
  13. I do hope andrew's "... faith in humanity is declining" - mine is!
  14. I was genuinely unsure as to why the PO asking the last question. For serious.
  15. Best answer
    Actually, if you eliminate the USB 2.0 bottleneck, your slowest component is the BD drive, not the HDD and/or the SATA I connection.
  16. I'm sorry but there are too many forum trolls. The only point in getting that over something that is USB 2.0 is that in the future if you get a new computer it'll be faster than getting a USB 2.0 now and later having a computer with USB 3.0 but the drive is still stuck on USB 2.0 speeds.
  17. Best answer selected by mpalmbos.
  18. Ok, thanks Pyree! That does answer it for me!
  19. Thanks for clearing this up for me guys!!
  20. Thank you. Now you need to go and find an USB 3.0 expresscard.

    Purchase advice for the expresscard is- ddon't expect too much.

    The card will do the job and won't bottleneck your drives but the fitting is not great so the USB connection is very tight and if you are not holding the card back when pulling the USB out, you will pull the card out with it as well.

    I think if you buy the ones with the USB ports sticking out, it will be better for connecting the USB, but of course you have things sticking out of your laptop.
  21. more great advice, thanks!
    One more question if you don't mind = after spending a while on many other sites it looks like that serial ata 150 (or sata I) has a transfer rate of 150MB/s and a new usb 3.0 express card would move data at 625MB/s but I can not find the transfer rate of a 12x BD burner (had this one in mind by the way -

    If the BD burner is the slowest link than it must still be faster than the limitation of usb 2.0 which has a transfer rate 35MB/s, correct?
  22. Yes, BD 1x is 4.5MB/s, so 54MB/s @12x.

    You are getting this one?
  23. that's the one I was thinking about = good choice?
  24. Don't know. I don't have that burner. But ASUS hardware are generally good.
  25. Ok, thanks, now to find a usb 3.0 expresscard!
  26. Honestly I'd get the cheaper version (but I'm cheap). Unless the time you intend to use it is more valuable than the money you save consider this one. It does everything the same but just a bit slower.
  27. Ok, thanks for that too, might have to consider that one seeing as how it has the bdxl option available!
  28. That drive doesn't come with software to watch BD.
  29. The cheaper one ( ) does not come with it's own power supply, instead it uses two usb ports - will probably stay away from that one.

    Thanks guys, have a good one!
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