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Hey, my name is Bryan

Need an opinion on which one to choose

Acer Aspire V3-551-8469

HP Pavilion g6-2218nr

HP Pavilion g7-2238nr

The laptop will be used primarily for gaming and school work. Its all about whats inside that interests me, everything else doesn't interest me as much.
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  1. I would caution you- there's alot about a laptop that can affect your overall experience. For intance, I've had laptops with crappy keyboards and atrocious keypads that made for an awful experince.

    I would read plenty of revioews before purchasing, becuase the specs don't really tell alot about a laptop's usability or performance.

    Cheack out reviews at and also

    The latter will tell you quite a bit about gaming performance since that is a concern for you.
  2. Ty, any advice would be welcome.
  3. can't seem to find these laptops on the website you linked.
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