Sony vaio e series find motherboard serial

where do you find the motherboard serial no on a sony viao vpcef 2e1e thanks
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  1. motherboards dont have serials, model numbers at most
  2. alvine said:
    motherboards dont have serials, model numbers at most

    can u tell me where to find on sony viao vcpef 2e1e a model num on mother board as mines is knacked and need exact motherboard to replace but cant find a mode/serial numb
  3. this is what i found

    so the motherboard name is quanta ne8 mainboard

    i would presonally contact sony and ask for a replacement motherboard
  4. i have a sony s series laptop, i assume e series won't much different.
    i can find model #, serial #, service tag #, and UUID all in the bios, you should too.
  5. cheers but mine wont boot at all think graphic card has gone in which case need motherboard too
  6. Most laptops I've worked on you have to disassemble down to the motherboard to find the model and serial number of that part.
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