How to find windows 7 on my aspire 7741z-4433

I had an virus issue with my Acer Aspire 7741Z-4433. A tech savvy friend cleaned up the computer and loaded a trial version of Windows 8, which has now expired. I am unable to download the upgrade for 8 because I do not have the original OS, Windows 7, on the computer. I was told that these files are in a partition on the computer but I can't seem to access them. Any thoughts?

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  1. umm to recover your files you can boot from linux cd and backup your data, buy windows 7 or 8 online (OEM license)
  2. Most newer laptops come with built-in recovery. There is a separate partition which contains the operating system and software. You press a function key to start the reocovery. You should see the message as soon as you turn the laptop on. Check the Acer web site for more info.
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