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I have the Intel 810 chipset. My games seem to lag when too much is going on. Do i need a better video card. The 11mb chip is on the motherboard on the 810. Or do i have other issues?
thanks anyone
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  1. It's hard to comment on the rest of your system, for the simple reason that you didn't tell us anything about it :)

    The i810 is a midget among short people.

    If you're suffering from poor framerates while playing solitaire, then something else is seriously wrong with your system. If 3d games are rough though, your integrated video is the first one to blame. Believe it or not, even a cheap 8mb card would probably beat what you have. Naturally, I'd aim higher than that, but what I mean is, for a modest price you have room for tremendous improvement.

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  2. Hi,
    wow a midgit among short ppl lol ,yuck.
    Ive got a 500mhz celeron 128Ram Homemade comp. Again the sound and vid cards are on the Intel 810chipset MB. Can i add a ISA vid card to the system? I dont look to spent much but an upgrade may be in order. thanks Tom

    P.S. games like- Rainbow Six, Ages of Empires II.
  3. ISA? you gotta be kidding. They won't even support 16-bit at 800x600! You'll have to get a PCI video card. But with the crappy mobo, I'd consider a replacement. At least SOMETHING with an AGP port!

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  4. What sort and speed of precessor have you got?, you could have a 64m Geforce2, but if your processor is a Pentium 166 you are not going to achieve anything
  5. i810... oopsie not good not good aat all
    just buy yourself a pci geforce mx.. or a a mobo that supports agp so you canput in AN AGP GEFORCE MX. Look at for prices.
    Shouldent be to much money and a tremendous leap in performance.

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  6. get a PCI TNT2 or geforce2 mx Card that should get the FPS up. Some i810 motherboards doesnt have an APG slot.

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  7. I haven't seen any i810 chipset-based motherboards have an AGP slot.

    I know the i815E has integrated video, but also an AGP slot. Which i810 motherboard has an AGP slot?
  8. I don't believe any of the i810 chipset motherboards support an AGP slot. If you visit Intel's web site and go to product info for the i810 chipset, it shows that none of them have support for an AGP slot. However the do support and come with "Direct AGP", Intel's name for integrated AGP video chips. Integrated chips are nothing compared to vid cards.

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  9. If you're a gaming fan, go for a new motherboard and a good video card - Maybe the GTS.

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  10. Hello again. It seems that the consenus here is pretty clear. Of course, we don't know what your budget is (if its really tight, that would explain why you have the i810 in the first place). If the upgrade will be tough financially and you have to save for it, then my recommendation is to take a look at your ram. If it is only 66 mHz, then that would have to go, too. Chain reactions start within computers like that, and pretty soon you've built an entirely new system, recycling only your old floppy drive. Ideally, you would upgrade right away. If it comes down to starting over from scratch, and your 3d needs are less than brutal, maybe you could tide yourself over with a cheap tnt2 while you save for a more complete upgrade in 4 or 5 months. Who knows? There are plenty of good products out now, and many new ones on the horizon. Whatever you wind up with, I hope it works out.

    Tom Mc

    Even a fool, when he remains silent, appears wise.
  11. If you don't have at 128MB of RAM bring your system up to that level. The 11 MB of shared memory that the i810 uses is just too much of big bite for a 64MB system (if that's what you have). When you play games Windows will constantly be swapping to disk. 128MB will help a lot.

    As for graphics, you could go with an Inno3D, PCI based, Geforce 2 MX. I have only seen one review of this card but it indicated that the performance hit vs the AGP version is at WORST 45% and sometimes only 10% lower. This is far from state-of-the-art performance but it would be considerably better the your built-in graphics.

    Here is a link to the review.
  12. Definatley, integrated graphics stink. The PCI version will make a world of differnece when playing stressful games (integrated graphics can't even play many stressful games for a lack of needed fps).

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