How to restore acer aspire 5349

my acer aspire froze on a page, i needed to turn it off and on to start up again, when i did it says insert boot disk which i don't have, what do i do ?
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  1. make sure you dont have a flash drive attached while booting, the copmuter mightr want to boot from your removable device instead of the internal hard drive. go to bios and in boot order set the internal hard drive as first device to boot from
  2. we did this and why is it that this laptop calls for a boot disc but yet there is none. and when calling acer they tell me for $199.00 they can fix the problem
  3. also when we first got this laptop we made recovery discs. but when there was a problem and we went to use them they would not work. and the warranty they we bought just expired yesterday
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