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Sorry if this is a simple question but how would i link two pc's (with a distance of about 200miles in between) so that i could file share between the two. Both pc's are on 512kbps cable connections. Other people have said that i need to create a virtual private network but being new to networks this doesnt really mean much to me...


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  1. Easiest way would probably have 1 of you set up a FTP server like Serv-U is pretty easy. Then the other just uses a ftp client like bulletproof ftp to login to your ftp server and can get whatever and upload if you allow it.

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  2. I have a simlar question. I have been trying to connect 2 computer far apart over the internet to files share. I tried the FTP option (setup up one as a server and the other tried to connect as a client, but I couldn't get it to work because of my firewall, an SMC router). I'm pretty sure it was the firewalls fault because I was able to connect to the server computer with a ftp client software from my other computers that are on the same side as the firewall. Anyway, I ditched that idea and attempted to setup a virtual private network. I was actually successful in setting up the connection (both computers are running win XP), howvever I didn't know what to do next. The computers said they were connected but I don't know how to access files from the other computer. I went into network neighborhood (I had set both computers to the same workgroup) and I saw the other 2 computers in my house, but couldn't see the distant computer that I was supposedly connected to via a VPN. What do I do know, how can I access the other computer once I have the VPN setup?
  3. if the VPN is setup correctly the FTP server should now work. But backing up a step, you can map port 21 to the FTP server (I think it's called virtual port) in the router config. Or you can put the FTP server machine in a DMZ (best to do it temporarily instead of permanently), neither of which require a VPN.

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