Apple Drive Swap/iPad Sync Question.

Hi All, wasn't too sure how to title this...
I have a Friends Mac Mini and I am about to replace the hard drive for Her, the hard drive swap I have no problems with (done it before), the problem is this Mini is used to sync with an iPad; for various reasons I'm going to be doing a clean install of OSX and I'm nervous of losing any the iPad data/Apps when it gets re-sync'd after the swap; so my question is is there anything I need to do to de-register (?) the iPad and then re-register (after the swap) or will it just pick-up when the (iTunes/AppStore) account details are re-entered?
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  1. OK, never mind, I think I've got it...
    TimeMachine to back-up, swap the drive, re-install OS (etc) then use Migration Assistant to restore the user account and files.
  2. Looks like I was worrying over nothing, it just worked, fitted the new drive, fresh install of OSX, installed all the Apps updates etc, then re-connected the iPad and didn't need the TimeMachine backup, everything just worked; on one hand it's nice to know how easy it is, but it's also a bit worrying just how much Apple on-line systems already knew about the systems even after a hard drive swap.
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