Is boxing day sales worth it ? Canada!


It's a very simple question. I see now some good offers before Xmas. For instance, cyberpower offers a no rush (3 weeks of wait) 5% discount and their prices are very cheap for Clevo's models (say for Clevo P150EM Gaming Notebook 15.6"). Do you think boxing day prices (specials for the 26th ++) are going to beat that ? I do not mind waiting for a month and basically I want to know if I should wait after Xmas to place my order or if now is a good time. I never really checked boxing day specials for gaming laptops so I do not know if they are worth it.
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  1. "Boxing Day"???

    Do I get a special discount if I TKO a sales clerk?
  2. ^lol

    Personally, I don't think the 5% deal is worth the wait. And I doubt the boxing day sale will be much better. Current gen computer hardware in laptops doesn't have a ton of flex when it comes to price.

    Be sure to check other websites though. My favorite for laptops is cause their prices are sometime a bit better.

    A couple recommendations:
    -get an i7 since laptop i5s are dual core
    -get a 128GB or larger SSD. True, you could update later but you probably won't and SSDs change the entire computing experience (also you can buy one from newegg and stick it in yourself)
  3. Yes,

    I am really looking forward to get a i7 + SDD.

    XoticPC was a bit more expensive. For some really awkward reason, cyberpower are selling the 7970M video card for nothing.
  4. Boxing day promos are always awesome, You just need to know where to look. Like black friday.
  5. nao1120 said:
    Boxing day promos are always awesome, You just need to know where to look. Like black friday.

    Where to look?? Does this mean you have some suggestions?? I"m also holding out for Boxing day. For black Friday, I got a Keurig Coffee machine for $100 rather than $160... I wonder if those types of deals will be a round? I don't really consider a deal a deal uless it's + $30 savings, and even that seems low.
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