Okay, my mother is buying my 16-year old sister a new laptop, as her old Toshiba Satellite has finally died after 5 years. We're looking at the cheap end, as she won't use it for hardcore gaming or anything like that, she just needs a nice laptop for studying, browsing the internet, watching movies etc. So, I found 2 good deals, one for Dell Inspiron 15-3520 and one for Compaq CQ58-261SA.
As they have pretty similar specs and almost the same price, I was wondering which one to go with.
Please help me out (I don't want any wars/disputes between fanboys, just an objective opinion).

These are the links:,default,pd.html

Thanks in advance for any help! :)
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  1. I dont know how you consider this a good deal. Seems like everyday price. The celeron processors are weak. I recommend neither of them. Get an i3 instead. It will be well worth it.

    Imo dell has better build quality than compaq.
  2. They are not amazing deals, but compared to similar quality laptops for the same price they have more ram and/or hard drive. The Toshiba was running on Vista and Intel Celeron and it lasted 5 long years haha, so like I said, for the purposes she uses it for it doesn't need to be anything better. I'll have a look for i3 laptops and the prices, but for now I'm trying to decide which one has (like you said) better build quality.
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