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Just ordered a new Dell Dimension 4100 (should be comming within the week) and pretty excited about it. Not the greatest system, but I'm very happy with it.

P3 866mhz, 128mb RAM, 20gig HD, Radeon DDR 32mb, 17" Trinitron FD.

Just wondering, what kinda performace can I expect with the Radeon, and are they overclockable? I been using a ATI Rage Pro 8mb for the past 3 yrs, so this new system is pretty cool to me = )
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  1. It'll be like a whole new world. You can run almost any game at the highest settings.

    Not sure about overclocking.
  2. Your system will blow you away then bub :)

    I remember when I upgraded just my processor (K6-2 500 to Duron 650) and it was simply amazing (but now I have a 1 GHz, just for futureproofing :P)

    I also have a Radeon 64MB (again, futureproofing :P) and it is faaaaaaast.

    The card will probably be a bit overclockable. I know the core will be. The only problem you'll have is in memory. (BTW, if you do overclock, overclock so your core/mem speeds are the same. Upping your core without memory (or vice versa) has actually lowered performance for some people).

    Although, you likely won't feel the need to overclock for quite some time.
  3. on Radeon it depends which version you got... most 32MB versions are clocked out of factory at 164Mhz, but the retail mem chips are rated to 183, so you can OC them no problemo... you'll get much higher performance increase by OCing the memory, use something like powerstrip, but make sure you get adequate cooling... people on the boards have clocked theirs up to 200Mhz, but that was with extra cooling and I do believe retail versions, whereas in DELL you probably have OEM version and I wouldn't go much higher than 180 or so... anyhoo, your system is brand new, other than to post benchmarks, you should have no need to OC it for a long time (and truth be told, if you wanted just the high benchmarks, you should've gonne GF2, not Radeon... still, I have Radeon and wouldn't exchange it , but don't expect TOO high results)

    I had 3dmark of 4807, OCed memory to 182 and got 5257 :)
  4. Chris: My question to you is if you read Tom's Hardware why are you buying a computer from Dell? Why are you not building your own? It is not hard, and if you read this site often enough you must have learned something about computer components. I would imagine the money you are going to spend on the Dell 866mhz computer could buy you a much faster computer, like an Athlon 1.2Ghz machine with a 40Gb drive, 256mb RAM, and a nice video card as well. You can cancel that order with Dell anytime, or just send it back when you get it, Dell will pay for the shipping.
  5. you will love it. i had a xpert98 then to RADEON 32mb ddr. 30 more fps in ureal touranment.

    ABIT BP6 + ATI RADEON 32MB DDR RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Reason I don't build my own is because I'd have no idea what parts to buy, how much I should pay for it, and how to put it all together. And if I put something together wrong and end up fryin the system... well i'm in big doo doo heh. It's a lot more simple jus to customize one online and just have a manufacturer put it together.

    Anyone kno of any sites on Radeon overclockin or something like that? Checked Tom's and didn't find anything.
  7. website is
    Radeons overclock quite is attached badly. Use a pentium fan and heatsink. fit large heatsinks to the ram. Fix all the heatsinks on with Arctic silver Epoxy...use latest drivers. for Dell, you really like a 25% markup on a's not for me. They also use proprietary motherboards and cases causing problems with mobo upgrades as generic parts (the bits you and I buy from our local computer supplier won't fit) this normally just applies to the mobo.

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