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I have broken the headphone jack on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite C665) due to the headphones being pulled out at an abnormal angle - down and to the left of ordinary linear plug in/out.

Now there is a loud static noise at a continuous volume when headphones are plugged in (tried more than one set including the headphones that were yanked out, both sets work in other devices), and no sound at all from the computer speakers.

What I am thinking from previous questions is that I have broken the headphone jack in a way that makes the computer think that the headphones are still plugged in (hence no speaker activity).

This seems to involve having someone who knows more than me take things apart and do expensive things to my computer's guts, or hopefully buying some sort of USB plug-in device to work around the problem.

But I thought I would ask because the other questions didn't mention the specific type of force that broke the jack - yanked out in the -X, +Z direction if we consider Y=0 to be the intended mode of exit in our Cartesian coordinate system.

Thanks for the help!
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    chances are you are correct and have broken the jack, you could get a new part and solder it on, but would require a very very steady hand, and patience ! I repair mobile phones, and trust me it can be difficult,

    The easiest option is to disable the device in device manager, then by a small usb soundcard, which will have the appropriate headphones/line out jacks

    Hope this helps!
  2. Yes, that worked. I just ordered a bunch of cheap ones figuring some of them would work. So far one does, and one is crap (but it was pretty much free except for shipping), and two more have not been tried.
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