Advice for a wifi newbie please.

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Hi all, I wish to network three computers using the wifi method and wish for
all of them to be able to connect to the internet using my btopenworld

I have no idea where to start and hoped some of you could offer me some

The modem I am using for my ADSL is the alcatel speedtouch USB (frog)

I am only using one pc to browse the web at the moment but would like to
connect two more.

the other pc's details are as follows,

main pc is 1.5ghz p4, win me I would like to network with pc2 which is p111
800mhz, win me and a dell inspiron 1100 celeron 2000, win xp.

I've looked around and think I need to buy 1x Belkin F5D7230uk4, 1x Belkin
F5D7010uk cardbus adapter and 2x Belkin F5D7000uk pci adapters.

is a cardbus adapter another name for the pcmcia card?

any help will be very much appreciated

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  1. Archived from groups: alt.internet.wireless (More info?)

    The USB modem is no use to you, sell it.
    You need ADSL modem/router/wifi, it can all be in one box (or two or three).
    You need one computer connected via ethernet cable and adapter to set it all
    up, after that all of them can be on wifi.
    Consider using USB wifi adapters on length of cable, they are much easier to
    position for best signal - half an inch can make difference.
    (PCI adapters are shielded by the computer case, you may find you need an
    external aerial, which doubles the price.)
    Belkin is cheap, but, OK ish. If you want reliability get the best: Draytek
    Vigor 2600G, bit more expensive though.
    PC Card / PCMCIA current versions use 'cardbus' specification, only quite
    old computers haven't got it.

    While you are at it ditch BTopenworld ands switch to better and cheaper ISP
    providers: PlusNet, Pipex, Zen...
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