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Up for sale is my Arcade Machine. I bought a junk arcade cabinet and
had a professional cabinet maker remake the old cabinet out of high
quality wood and had it painted a flat black. The cabinet has a coin
slot that registers when a coin is put in and gives you credits while
playing a game. The cabinet also has a coin basket below the coin slots
to hold all the change once it's been put in. The cabinet has a small
metal push button (to the right of the coin slot), that will boot up
the machine and turn it off. The cabinet is also fitted with a
fluorescent light fixture, speaker holes, speaker brackets, Plexiglas
in front of the monitor, a pull out drawer with a keyboard, mouse, and
mouse pad, locks on the coin doors, and rear panel. As for buttons it
has two 8 way joysticks, with 7 multi color push buttons per player
(two players), with a player 1 and player 2 start buttons. All of the
buttons/joystick parts are quality Happ parts witch makes many
buttons/joysticks for true arcade machines. Since the monitor is so
large (17") part of the rear panel had to be cut out to allow it to
fit. Behind the monitor is a board witch give support for the monitor
so it does not push up against the rear panel. On the inside of the
cabinet is a 600 MHz computer with 256 mb of ram, networking card, and
a 10 Gig Hd, Diamond 32 meg Video card, generic sound card, 12x cd
burner, radio shack black speakers, 17" View Sonic Monitor. All you
have to do to turn it on is plug one cord in and push a button. This is
the ultimate video game for the ultimate video gamer. You can literally
load anywhere from 1 to 3000 new, old, and classic arcade games on this
machine. You can always upgrade you game library by downloading more
Mame ROMs, and even other emulators witch support different systems.
You can have NES, SNES, Atari, ETC. All for a great price. What you
*Complete arcade cabinet (minus a marquee which you can pick up for 10
*Complete Computer Setup including keyboard, Logitech mouse, speakers,
and monitor
*Integrated control panel
*Spare parts

Many other people sell arcade cabnets and sell them for much more than
I am selling this one for. You can rest easy knowing i have a 100%
positive feedback score and I will guide you if you have any questions
using this.
If you have any questions please feel free to post them here.
Pics can be found at if
not then let me know and I can send you a bunch of pics and even 2
video clips of the machine in action.
If you would like more pictures, or even video clips of the machine in
action let me know and i will be happy to email you everything. Thank
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    host your pics elsewhere if possible, geocities restricts access all
    the time..
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