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Need help deciding which laptop to buy

December 7, 2012 4:21:03 PM


I need help choosing a small laptop with high-end GPU and mid range I7 processor. Large hard drives, big screens and Ram are not important to me. My budget is $1500 give or take $100.

I urgently need it for work and don't have the time to do a ton of research like I normally would. If I was spending $4000, any laptop would work but I need to choose more carefully at my budget.

Most of the high end laptops I've seen look like they could swallow an elephant. I always thought large laptops were pointless because, if it's not portable, you may as well get a more powerful and less expensive and more upgradable desktop.

The screen size is not important to me as I always use a projector or monitor. My ideal would be one with a 12-15 inch screen. Is it possible to get a small laptop with a high-end GPU?

I've mainly been a desktop user recently. I have an I7 3930K with three GTX 680's which I use for 3D work in Maya. I have been using my 2010 Macbook pro to demo the content I built on the desktop when I go to see customers. The laptop is only for viewing and not rendering.

Lately the Mac has been letting me down and costing me business. Problems like refusing to turn on, poor output quality and slow playback etc.

I see that most of the high-end mobile GPUs use the MXM 3.0 type b standard. I don't understand the compatibility between brands. I read something about Asus having their own MXM standard which doesn't work with MSI and HP bios preventing upgrades etc but I have no idea if that still applies. I'm a little lost and any help would be really appreciated. It's all so complimicated...

Also If anyone is selling their laptop around my budget and think it might fit my needs please pm me.

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