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Shop online in Usa and ship to Ghana

I am Rev Williams,of the Mission of Hope Ministries. I am currently located in the USA,but i want to order laptop,led plasma tv or ipad for some of our church members waaho will been having there 5 years Anniversary on the Dec/25/2012 in our church branch.

Furthermore may i know from your good offices if you accept creditcards as form of payment.
Thank you and have a nice day.
Rev William.
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    This is not a sales site, only ideas.
  2. Right here! I am the prince of Swaziland and I am in fact overstocked with laptops, led plasma tv's, and ipads. If you send me a security deposit of $5000 I will send them all to you so you can check them out.

    Prince of Ethiopia
  3. If you in the USA, just go buy and ship it to Ghana yourselves.
  4. It's ghana drive you crazy!
  5. hehehehehehe
  6. yes u can shop online with credit card and i can help you recieve your goods in ghana ...have my contact number 0261983920
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