Thoughts on this laptop please

Dell xps l7oooh2x
Core i7 2670qm cpu @ 2.2 turbo to 3.0
17.3 full 1080p hd 1920 x 1080
Nvidia gt555m 3gb
8gb ddr3 1333ghz ram
Integrated 3mg cam
DVD writer
2x 500gb 7200 rpm hdd
9cell battery
Windows 7
Card reader

Is this a good laptop will it be good for gaming?

Thoughts please before I purchase it. Thanks
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  1. That was meant to say Dell xps l702x sorry I'm using my phone
  2. Bought it, seems very fast. im pleased with it, anyone else own a l702x?
  3. Both CPU and GPU are last gen. So not the best choice unless you got it cheap.
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