netgear wgr614 & wg121 cannot stay connected to the net

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Hello, I have a WGR 614 router and a usb wg121
netgear adaptor on my 2nd pc (first pc is wired
into router on port 1 but have tried different
ports for the hell of it).

My main pc (windows 2000 pro) is wired to the
router, and my second pc that is using the wg121
usb adaptor has windows xp, both machines are
fully updated with windows updates and firmware
updates for both netgear devices are up to date
with newest firmware off netgears pages.

Setup went well, followed directions (I even read
and re read them) and within mins I set up the wep
and had the internet working fine on both pcs with
great singal strength on the wireless adaptor and
all was good.

But I keep having this annoying problem I can't
fix, after a short while (less than an hour) I
repeatedly lose my connection to the net (comcast
cable, terayon tj 715 x modem), usually within
30-40 mins for no real reason I can pinpoint I
lose connection to both the wired and wireless

I went to netgears page, updated the firmware on
both the router and usb adaptor as well as
unchecked a box they recommended when using xp
(troubleshooting internet connection drops) and
used the factory reset and power cycled the
router, and restarted both pcs, and again I can
get this up and running fine thru the setup wizard
no problems,,,

But after a while (usually within the first hour
or so) it just STOPS working... once it stops
working all i do is reset the router and or the
cable modem (unplug and replug in) and it usually
starts working again within a min or two but most
of the time just resetting the router fixes it.

My pcs are very close to each other (less than 30
feet) we are not using cordless phones or
microwaves, I have tried different channels, I
have upgraded firmware, I have called netgear on
the phone (just told to use the setup wizard and
to redo the router firmware after waiting forever
on hold) I did that - still no luck same problem.

Is there anything else I can do or check to fix
this it is driving me BATTY!

I have even taken the router off and used the
internet directly from the modem for a few days in
a row just to confirm my ethernet card is ok and
that it isn't a line or modem issue, but even
before getting this router I never had a single
moment of connection problems that i couldn't SEE
right on the modem (cable light off etc) and my
lights are all constant fine and I even called
comcast asking if there were line issues - none to
report as well as it worked fine before router and
even when I bypassed router again it works

So please if you can tell me what I might be doing
wrong or what I can check or do to get this
working, I hate to sit around waiting for netgear
then can't even understand the guy on the phone
(thick accent), and they just say redo firmware or
go thru setup wizard again (both of which I have
done repeatedly), and once it works they think
they "solved" the problem (only 30 mins later its
back like I try to explain to them.

So please if anyone has advice on what I can check
or do lmk,

Bill Austin
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  1. Hi Bill,
    I have the WG121 on my Windows Vista SP1 machine and I have the exact same problem.
    I try to leave the PC on overnight downloading stuff and by the morning, I find it has disconnected for 4 nights in a row.
    Have you made any progress ?

    - Jono

    jjb_fto - (at) -
  2. i think you have to switch off power saving mode for the particular device.
    go into device manager and look for the device, then right click on it > Properties > Power Management > uncheck box that says something like allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.

    but how did you get it to work on Vista in the first place? i can't get my WG121 to work on Vista. apparently Netgear only supports it up to XP.
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