Acer screen is upsidedown

my acer screen is upsidedown and i cant get it to turn back over. does anyone know how to get it back upright.?
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  1. if your acer has intel graphics card
    right click on desktop->graphics properties and find "rotation" under general settings then "rotate to normal "
    for ati or nvidia card find similar option under graphics card properties
  2. 2 options:

    1) Do a handstand against the wall and keep doing it. Everything should look right.

    2) On your bed, lay on your back with your head hanging over the edge.
  3. And don't click on any xmas joke someone send you! Some of them do real damage!
  4. Did you try Ctrl Alt UpArrow or Ctrl Alt DownArrow? Try these to solve your upside down screen.
  5. this was amazig thanks :)
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