Windows 8 32 vs 64bits on Asus 1015pn

Hey guys! First of all, congratulations for the forum . Now, I have a 1015pn and two questions: I loved windows 8 on a notebook of a friend, and I'm decided to install it. Should I go for the 32 or the 64bits version? Second, I want to add more RAM, and i was thinking in 4gb, but i had read that the atom n550 doesn't support 4gb. Its true? If I put a 4gb dimm in my 1015pn, what will happens?
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  1. The 101pn will take 2GM maximun so you should use the 32 bit version.
  2. And If I put 4gb, what will happen?
  3. Go to 32bit version. ddr2 slot supports max is 800mhz so fill all slots is recomended for speed but it is dual core u r not use more than 2gb and also u r hdd is work as a ram so put a 1gb ram is enough.
    example : intel atom 1.60ghz only supports 1ram slot so iam put 1ram just 1gb its enough iam fill that ram in high usage at playing freedom fighters only 800mb is fill so 2gb is not worth for dual cores. it is my opinion.
  4. 4Gb ram does not detect because 4gb is not supported that mobo. or it will display its a 2gb ram.
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