Can i run a dvd player update using my laptop pc

I have a LG (Super Blu) Bluray Disc Player: Model #BH100-N (SMB-007) and I was wondering if it is possible to download an upgradeable zip file to my Laptop and using an ethernet connection from Laptop to Player ferform the upgrade or do I need to burn the file to disc and play (run) upgrade via dic player drive?
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  1. Burn a disk.
  2. Does they Bluray player have a USB connection? If yes, you may need to unzip the update to a USB drive and then update from it. Another suggestion would be to plug the ethernet cable directly into the Bluray player and skip using the laptop.
  3. From the users manual:
    To obtain the latest software for this player (if updates have been made), please contact the following:
    Call 1 (800) 243-0000 or
    Visit and click on PRODUCT SUPPORT → Device Driver.

    From the upgrade instructions:
    1. You have to make a upgrade disc of DVD UDF format using fixed a file name.
    (file name: LG_BH_LX100001BN.ROM and update00.bin, volume name of Disc: anything is OK)
    (If you use the iso file, you just use the image copy and copy the image file that is called the iso
    file to DVD disc)
    2. Insert the upgrade disk into the SET and press Play key according to OSD guide.
    3. Wait until power off in itself.
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