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Hey everyone. I have a bit of a problem. I recently just bought the new windows 7 64 bit and a new 1tb hard drive. After installing the windows 7, it's become aware to me that the hard drive may be defective. It has a lot of hang ups and difficulty seeking at random times. If I RMA'd this hard drive for a replacement, would I have to RMA the windows 7 disc aswell? I already activated my windows if I installed it on another hard drive, wouldn't it come up as not genuine? I hope I'm making some sort of sense. Thank you.
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  1. You should have no problems.

    Most probably your re-installation will activate without a hitch. Activation is tied to several components, not just the HDD i.e. Your Bios (MB), your Video card, and your 10/100 chip. Worst case, you will get a prompt that you need to call good ole uSoft, tell them you had to swap out HDD and walla you will be able to acitvate. As I said, swapping out the HDD should allow activating with out call. I've done this several times and not had to call yet. I've reinstalled win 7 on a laptop and a desktop where I swapped out the HDD for a SSD.
  2. The wise retired chief is correct. Regardless of editon, the swapping of a hard drive should present no problems. I doubt it will even make you reactivate.

    Chief, did your lappy come with windows 7 or did you upgrade to it later?
  3. The A305 came with vista loaded and a free upgrade which I put a 128 Gig SSD (did a clean install). The A205 I bought the win 7 upgrade and did a clean install on a intel G1 80 gig SSD.

    For my desktop I had a upgrade disk and installed on a 80 gig Intel G2 SSD. Only one left is my backup computer, a E6400 @ 3.2 GHz which has vista and xp on it.
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