GeForce - how ultra is ultra

is the geForce 2 Ultra 64MB DDR worth the extra £130 over the geForce 2 Pro DDR for openGL modelling in Maya/Max etc.

i think the main difference is in the processor speed and memory speed.

also whats the difference between the Geforce 2 Pro and GeForce 2 GTS?

i've looked at the nvidia site an learned v little.

i'm not altall bothered about gaming performance


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  1. I would say it isn't worth it....

    The difference between GF2 Pro and GTS is that the Pro has a little bit faster memory, and i think maybe the core is a bit faster (not sure).
  2. I think ultra is a better description of the price, not the preformance. Geforce 2 64 mb @ 250 vs. Geforce 2 Ultra at @400+. Sorry, not for me. As far as the differences go, I think the Ultra has a faster processor (250 MHz vs. 200 MHz) and, in the case of the ELSA, faster RAM.
  3. the ultra has a faster memory (4.5 or 4 ns ddr only for the ultra with clocked at 250 instead of the gts's 200) and a higher core speed (ultra is 450 where the gts is 333). for modeling i don't think that you would be able to tell that much of a difrence. here is a like to tom's article that explains the difrence in the card though:

  4. Get a GeForce 2 GTS (64 megs) overclock it to the ultra clock speeds and BAMM! you got a GeForce 2 Ultra for half the price. Just make sure you have good cooling =)

    -MP Jesse
  5. You can get more performance out of the Ultra if the rest of your sys is fast enough to handle it?
    I can max out my Ultra with no artifacts.
  6. This is how it goes...

    The specs on the cards are as follows:

    GeForce 2 GTS: 200Mhz core - 333Mhz memory (166Mhz DDR)

    GeForce 2 Pro: 200Mhz core - 400Mhz memory (200Mhz DDR)

    GeForce 2 Ultra: 250Mhz core - 460Mhz memory (230Mhz DDR)

    Note: Those are the ONLY differences. Besides from core/memory speed, the cards are exactly alike.

    The performance difference between the Pro and the Ultra is noticable, but not worth the extra price. The price/performance ratio is MUCH better on the Pro than on the Ultra.

    Bear in mind that the high memory speeds are obtained using DDR technology. Actually, the memory runs half as fast as written above, but thanks to DDR they can do two instructions per clock cycle, making the memory act as if it was running at twice the speed.

    It is insignificant when all the boards are doing it, just thought I'd act like I knew stuff about stuff ;-)
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