my pc is low of memory, please help!!!

pc specs:

wondows xp
512mb of ram
p4 1.60 ghz
adsl modem

I was running 8-9 applications:

2 internet exployer page,
msn hotmail
All Seeing Eye (server browser for online games)
msn messanger

I was downloading and when the download reached 100% an error accured about the download. I had to open up another window. Then this message appeared:

"Your system is low of memory. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process memory request for some applications may be denied."

Then I pressed "ok" and another message appeared:

"the application failed to initialise properly. (0xc000012d). Click ok to terminate the application".

I pressed "OK". I'm guessing that this message, the second one is from my download. I also noticed that in my "windows task manager" some application don't respond for a while.

I did a full system scan with Norton anti-virus with everything updated and no virus were found. A few weeks ago I had the blast virus though. And used a tool to remove it. But the damage to my pc is still there I guess. How can I fix this, please help. I don't think this is normal. Something not working properly is lowering my memory, right?

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  1. Or you could just be stuffing too much stuff into memory at once. Try increasing the size of your page file. It should already be set to 768, try increasing it to 1024.

    If you still get the same error doing different things, then it'd be time to consider troubleshooting.
  2. How exactly can I go see my page file and increase it?

    I only had like 9 applications running. I said them on my post that started this thread. That's too much stuff into memory??????????

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  3. right click MY COMPUTER
    click properties
    click Advanced tab
    click settings in the performance area
    click advanced tab

    there is where you set your swap space, make it bigger so windows can use more space in your hd for virtual memory

    My computer is so fast it proves the theory of relativity wrong... :eek:
  4. When I click on "change" there's 2 places where I can change it. There's "initial size(mb)" currently at 384. And there's "Maximum size(mb)" currently at 768. Which one do I change? And what will happen if I increase it to much? I play games often on my computer. Will I effect the performance of my games?
  5. Change initial size to 768, maximum size to 1536. Try running your computer like that for a while to see if you still get any memory errors.

    It will not adversly affect the performance of your programs.
  6. ""some application don't respond for a while"" - that is usual with XP.

    How full yer harddrive is?

    But in any case, sollution - win2k!

    ..this is very useful and helpful place for information...
  7. How large was your download?

    In ancient times they had no statistics so they had to fall back on lies
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