Grand theft auto iv system requirements

can i play GTA IV with processor 2.0GHZ and Memory 2048MB and VGA 830MB and Direct X 11 And Hard disk 160 GB and Windows 7 operating system
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  1. Really need more information on what parts you have

    what model/series processor
    what type or brand of memory
    your "VGA" will actually be hdmi if you have that much memory you say you do
    and im questioning your dx11
    Hard drive is fine :)

    easiest way to do this is use the search bar on your windows 7 and type "device manager"
    then use the dropdown for "display adapters" and "processors"
  2. If your CPU is a single or dual core, then you definitely will NOT be able to play it.

    Not sure what your video card is. Is it an ATI 5xxx series? Those, along with the newest nVidia cards, are the only cards that can do DX11. As it is, GTA IV doesn't use DX11 anyways, so the DX version doesn't matter.

    As the previous poster stated, you really need to be more detailed in your system specs because what you have is so generic, it means nothing to us and we can only guess.

    But, based on what you've listed, your machine is not even remotely capable of running GTA IV.
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