Stuck between a rock and a hardplace...

I am currently pricing up a new system. I intend to do alot of 3D graphics work (Lightwave/3D Max), as well as playing games. My original choice was the G450 due to the dual view capability. However, the 3D games capability is apparently dire.

I have been looking at the Geforce 2MX cards (although which one to choose is a nightmare!) but I have heard mixed reviews about the TwinView.

You can get MX PCI cards... would it be possible to use the G450 AGP and the MX PCI??? would this be any good???

Can anyone offer a solution???


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  1. hmmm... okay let me put this another way. How bad is the G450 for games _really_?? I know it does not compare with the latest nvidia etc, but does anyone have any experience with this???

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