How to recover data from an unformatted drive

I bought a HP Pavillion laptop with windows vista on it about 11 months ago. Recently the fan stopped working and then i could not get access into windows.

I took to the retailer I bought it from, although it was under the warranty but the said they can not recover the data because the disk is showing as unformatted (corrupt).

Can anyone please tell me how do I recover the data from the laptop. As I mentioned I can not get into Windows. The laptop just turns on and take me to HP recovery mode.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. You can take the drive out, hook it up to another PC running Windows, and try dskchk <drive letter>:\ -f -r if it shows up in Computer. I've had varied success with that, mostly inability to read, but there is that off chance. Otherwise, you could try a professional data recovery service, but it will cost $250 USD at least, and they don't guarantee success.
    How important is the data (and more importantly, why weren't you running regular backups?? Bad user, no donut)

    Good Luck!!
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