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Hi. Seagate has come out with a Hybrid SSD (Momentus XT or something like that) which combines 4gb of flash memory with a traditional notebook hard drive. After 5 boots, speeds up booting by something like 2 minutes, to under 40 seconds.
Here's my question:
I'd like to buy a 32 GB SSD and a big 500 gb drive, and combine those into my own hybrid. They would appear as one drive, but use an algorithm to keep the most called up programs in the flass part. Is there any kind of controller that would do this? Is there any way to span the drives intelligently, so that the most frequently access is kept on the SSD? Is there any way to use Readyboost to do this?
I don't want to buy a 32 GB USB flash drive, because the USB interface is so much slower than the 3 gb/sec SATA.
Thank you very much.
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  1. There's no hardware or software I've heard of to do this specific thing - I suspect you're going to have to write your own disk class driver, not an easy task by any means.
  2. Actually there is a product that combines a HDD and a SSD. It's called SilverStone HDDBOOST.,9591.html

    and you can buy it on Newegg
  3. Interesting product, not sure exactly what niche it fills though...

    Thanks for posting!
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