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This is going to be playing Gw2, and I know they are not gaming laptops but my GF does not want a desktop, and I was wondering if the Envy would give a slight advantage. I was looking up the specs of both of the GPUs and since they are both built-in, I am thinking the Intel would be a little better since it has more RAM.

Just wondering what you guys thought, also if there are any other $600 laptops that are better, please just say so!
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  1. Between those two the AMD laptop is superior for gaming. AMD integrated graphics kick the crap out of anything intel has to offer right now, and can be on par with lower end discrete cards. However, this laptop,
    offers better gaming performance than either... it has a better AMD IGP that can be crossfired with the dedicated 7670m, giving you really good gaming performance. It's also cheaper. If you want more RAM you can just buy a 4GB DDR3 DIMM to add in.
  2. It is recommend you put a pair of 4GB 1600MHz low latency RAM in there since the iGP will benefit a lot with good RAM.

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