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I recently added a rage maxx ati card to my pII-233, biostar m6tlc mobo, 128 66mhz ram latest bios upgrade. It seems to work ok except in the one application I give a damn about .. airwarrior 3d and airwarrior 3d millenium version dont work in 3d mode .. 2d looks ok (about like my old rage pro 8mb) but I get wild flashing\flickering in 3d mode and yes even in single vid processor mode this occurs. Both of these games are dx aware and use direct 3d and draw only no gl needed .. I installed the latest\last drivers from ati and dx8 but no joy .. any suggesstions ?
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  1. DX8 is buggy.....try reinstalling the game.
    see if that video card and game have the same problem on another computer if possible...
    email ati about your problem

    my suggestions

    Bored,Certified Tech
  2. Thanks for the suggestions .. I'll try to reinstall the game but dx 8 isn't part of the game .. it only requires 5.0 I think I've run the game with 5, 6. 7 ,and 8.0 works fine with my old ati rage pro aiw card in 3d... as for emailing ati tech roflmao did that 2 weeks ago .still no reply they suk !
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